Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Favorite Movies About Divorce: "Mrs. Doubtfire"

In this blog about Georgia divorce, I generally attempt to give you a lot of practical tips and information about divorce for you to discuss with your own divorce attorney. But occasionally, I also enjoy branching out a bit to discuss other matters which are "divorce related!" In other words, I am simply trying to take a dry subject and make it a little more fun, or at least mildly entertaining!
Today, I thought it might be fun to consider: which movie is your favorite movie which deals with divorce? Previously, in this blog, we have discussed the movie, "Kramer v. Kramer." I still maintain that it is the best, proto-typical American movie about divorce.
But my favorite movie about divorce is.........."Mrs. Doubtfire!" (I guess I already gave that one away, didn't I?!) This 1993 comedy classic, starring Robin Williams and Sally Field, addressed a number of issues concerning divorce, including child custody and visitation, which divorcing couples must often confront. However, I like the movie simply because it is a comedy classic with clever writing and because I am a Robin Williams fan!
What do you think? Did you like "Mrs. Doubtfire?" What is your favorite movie about divorce? (Some of you must be thinking: What an unpleasant topic to be discussing during the holiday season!)


  1. what about War of the Roses Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas?

  2. War of the Roses is another good example! As I recall, it seemed a bit dark or melancholy, but it definitely shows how bad some divorces end up! Thanks for the comment!

  3. I enjoyed Mrs. Doubtfire and was impressed by how far one man would go to get his family back together, even if it was fiction.