Sunday, December 27, 2009

Celebrity Divorces: Charlie Sheen

If you are the publicist for actor Charlie Sheen, then you certainly don't want to see your client's mug shot plastered all over the internet, do you? And if you are Mr. Sheen, then you also certainly don't want to spend part of Christmas day arrested and behind bars on a reported domestic violence charge, do you? But both things apparently occurred a couple of days ago, according to numerous published news reports.
You will recall that Sheen, the star of the popular t.v. comedy series, "Two-And-A-Half Men," went through a really nasty divorce with actress Denise Richards, just a few years ago. Here's hoping that, as Sheen's attorney indicates, this new episode has been blown out of proportion and that Sheen and his current spouse will be able to successfully address this problem, if there is any.
Finally, laying aside whatever happened in Sheen's case, here's also hoping that, in general, more emphasis will be placed on the problem of domestic violence in our society and the ways to properly address it.

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