Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ban All Divorces: What Do You Think?

Have you heard the news? Divorce may be outlawed! Well, not really! A guy in California is collecting signatures in a futile attempt to get on next year's ballot a proposition to abolish divorce in California! Of course, it will never pass! And it is also reported that this is merely a satirical reaction to last year's Proposition 8 vote in California against gay marriage. Supporters of this new initiative are apparently just trying to get attention and cynically to make a point that, if traditional marriage is so sacred, then let's protect it by outlawing divorce.

Can you imagine the problems that would ensue if divorce really was abolished? While some may argue that the high divorce rate in our society is terrible, don't you agree that it would be even more terrible if spouses were required to stay in abusive marriages? And how would you feel if you were required to stay in a marriage to "Sluggo," if he is committing adultery? What do you think?

As for me, here's one vote against this new initiative if anyone ever raises it in my state!

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