Thursday, December 24, 2009

Child Custody: A "Welcome Home" for the Goldmans

Unfortunately, not all child custody battles have happy endings, especially for parents fighting international child custody battles. But I am happy to report today that David Goldman has finally won his battle in Brazilian courts to obtain custody of his 9 year old son! He and his son were headed home earlier today! This is the culmination of a five year custody battle which began when Goldman's wife, (who has since died), left him and returned to Brazil, which was her home.

Now, we can continue to hope and pray for similar success in the other reported 3,000 cases of international child custody abduction, including 16 other children reportedly still located in Brazil. Here's hoping that all nations will agree to abide by The Hague Convention and other international treaties designed to prevent international child abductions!

Welcome home, Goldman family!

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