Sunday, August 29, 2010

Adultery, Cheating, or Running Around: How Can You Prove "It?"

Whether you call it adultery, philandery, or infidelity, or whether you consider it extra marital sex, cheating, or just plain "running around," "it," by whatever name, has been around since the beginning of time. Also, "it" has likewise been present in virtually every culture and in every part of the world, since the beginning of time. And "it" is not going away any time soon. According to Wikipedia, three recent studies indicate that 10-15% of women and 20-25% of men admit to cheating at some point during their marriages.
"It" is a hot topic on the internet, too. This blog gets more hits from folks looking for information about "how to prove adultery" than any other topic. Sometimes, as a divorce attorney in Augusta, Georgia, I wonder if the number of people in those studies who have admitted to "it" isn't a tad bit low! What do you think?
With that focus in mind, I thought it might be helpful, (to all those inquiring minds "out there" who want to learn more about how to prove adultery in Georgia), to recap about some of the ways to prove your worthless spouse "Sluggo" has been "up to no good!" Consider the following ideas on how to prove "it:"
1. HIRE A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: While it may get expensive, you can always hire a private investigator to get photographs of the two love birds together. While you may be able to get by with less proof, at least in a Georgia divorce, I don't know any divorce lawyer who would turn down such conclusive proof!
2. GET HIS EMAIL/INTERNET ACTIVITY/FACEBOOK POSTINGS: Of course, as we have discussed here before, (along with the fact that you should first consult with your own divorce lawyer), it is imperative that you must first have legitimate access to "Sluggo's" computer information and passwords BEFORE you attempt to get proof of his "fooling around" on the internet. But if you do, this information may, in some cases, be good enough to prove adultery.
3. GET "SLUGGO" TO ADMIT TO CHEATING: An admission by your spouse may, in some cases, also be sufficient to prove adultery.
4. CELL PHONE RECORDS, UNUSUAL PURCHASES, AND GIFTS: While this circumstantial evidence alone might be insufficient to prove adultery, when combined with other proof, it may constitute a sustainable case. Again, discuss each of these points with your own divorce lawyer.
5. "SLUGGO" HAS A STUPID GRIN ON HIS FACE: I am sorry, but proof of this anomaly alone is probably insufficient to prove adultery, in Georgia, or anywhere else!
In short, whether you call "it" adultery, cheating, or being "up to no good," I hope that this post helps all those "out there" who are looking for information on how to prove "it!"

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