Saturday, November 21, 2009

Divorce Parties

Have you heard about the latest divorce fad? It's divorce parties! Believe it or not, divorce parties are reportedly one of the fastest growing types of "theme parties!" Also, naturally, Las Vegas is quickly becoming known as the "divorce party capital of the world!" And one company actually even sells "divorce coffins" in which you can symbolically place a ring and then bury it.
Every situation is different. I would imagine that, in most cases, if you have just gone through an adversarial, bruising divorce over child custody, equitable property division, or other tough divorce issues, then you probably don't feel like having a party. And most folks simply cannot afford a lavish party, after a divorce, even if they felt like it. So, let's be honest: in most cases, for most people, divorce is no laughing matter and no time to party.
But isn't it interesting to see how different people react to life's hard blows? And it is interesting, in my opinion, to see that at least some people are heading to Las Vegas and other locations to party and celebrate their new beginnings. How about you? Do you know anyone who has had a "divorce party?" What do you think about it?

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