Sunday, November 22, 2009

Celebrity Divorces: Tina Turner

How many of you are old enough to remember the much publicized divorce between legendary singer and entertainer, Tina Turner, and husband, Ike Turner, back in 1977? You might recall that, back then, Ms. Turner came forward and accused Mr. Turner of spousal abuse. You can read all about the divorce in her book. But the point here is that the divorce and abuse didn't slow down Tina Turner! (Nor should it slow you down!) And her career is still going strong. Perhaps it is fitting to include a post about her, and celebrate her accomplishments, including her many successes after her divorce, as she approaches her 70th birthday, this week, on November 26th.
Please feel free to visit her fan sites and, if you wish, listen to her music on her birthday. And here's hoping that the "big wheel" will "keep on turning" and that "proud Mary" will "keep on burning!"

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