Friday, December 21, 2012

Divorce and the Holidays: Why Do Some People Wait?

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As divorce lawyers in Augusta, Georgia, we are accustomed to helping people with their divorce cases throughout the year. But while we don't have any statistics to support it, it appears to us that, generally, divorces slow down somewhat during the holidays.

Maybe that conclusion seems obvious, or logical, to you. But what do you think are some of the common reasons why some people wait until after the holidays to file for a divorce? Here are just a few of the possible explanations, from our perspective, as Augusta, Ga divorce lawyers.

In some divorce cases, some people simply do not have the financial resources to go to court during the holidays. In fact, some folks will wait until after they receive their income tax refunds, in January or February, before they seek help from a divorce attorney. In other divorce cases, involving children, other people want to wait to file after the holidays and give their kids one more peaceful Christmas.

Divorces can be difficult for everyone involved. Here's hoping that, no matter for what reason people are waiting to file for a divorce from their worthless spouse, "Sluggo," they will find peace throughout the holidays.

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