Thursday, December 6, 2012

Celebrity Separations and Divorces: Lisa Whelchel

[The Facts of Life Image from wikipedia]
How many of you are fans of the original reality television series Survivor? Did you see last night's episode which featured family visits for cast members? If so, you saw the emotional turmoil on the face of cast member Lisa Whelchel when she ran to her visiting brother's arms! Of course, many of you will remember her from the 1980's television series, The Facts of Life, in which she played Blair.

Not only has the Survivor experience been difficult for Ms. Whelchel, but also it apparently has otherwise been a tough year for her, too. According to various news reports, she is presently dealing with West Nile Virus. In addition, according to reports, Ms. Whelchel, a singer, song-writer, and speaker at Women of Faith Christian conferences, also got a divorce earlier this year.

We still do not know whether she won or how she did on Survivor, but here's hoping that Ms. Whelchel will overcome her illness and deal with any problems associated with her divorce. She seems like a genuinely kind, gentle person. As she has clearly learned, like on Survivor, real life can be tough, too. Sicknesses and divorces can happen to anybody. And those are the real facts of life which we all must face, aren't they?  

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