Monday, July 9, 2012

What is the Price or Cost of a Divorce in Georgia?

As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we attempt to provide some good, practical tips and information for you to discuss with your own divorce lawyer. We also sometimes blog about celebrity divorces and try to keep things entertaining, or interesting!

Today, let's focus on some more practical tips. One of the most common questions which we receive, as divorce attorneys, is: How much will it cost to get a divorce?

The answer is that it depends upon whether or not the divorce will be simple and uncontested.  In other words, if your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," will fully cooperate and agree to all your terms, and if he will promptly sign all the divorce documents without any issues or problems, then we may, in many simple, uncontested divorce cases, be able to handle your divorce for as low as $500.00 in legal fees, plus costs, (which includes a court filing fee of $205.00).

Of course, if Sluggo proves to be difficult, or spiteful, and if he refuses to fully cooperate and sign all the documents, then the divorce becomes contested, which means that the price will likely run into several thousand dollars, at a minimum.

Again, we recommend that you retain your own divorce attorney and discuss all the facts and your questions, along with all your rights and options.  Here's hoping you have a great week and that Sluggo will be cooperative, if you elect to get a divorce!

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