Sunday, April 15, 2012

Divorce and the Importance of Communication With Your Divorce Lawyer

Good communication is important in every relationship, don't you agree?  That goes for attorney-client relationships, too.  As Augusta, Georgia divorce attorneys, we strongly recommend that you open and maintain a good line of communication with your own divorce lawyer.

Good communication includes consulting with your divorce attorney before you take any action which might have a bearing on your divorce case.  For example, please talk with your divorce lawyer before you choose to deny child visitation to your spouse, or before you elect to terminate his cell phone services.

But being a good communicator also applies to the divorce attorney, too!  In other words, as divorce attorneys, we always try to remember that we should carefully consult with you, the client, before we negotiate a settlement with the other divorce lawyer, or before we represent you in court.  In order to get it right, we must talk with you and discuss your position beforehand.

In short, it is essential that divorce attorneys and clients should sit down and/or talk with each other about every important aspect of their divorce cases!  Again, good communication is the key to any relationship, don't you agree?

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