Sunday, April 29, 2012

Celebrity Divorces and Living Under the Same Roof: Deion and Pilar Sanders

[Photo of former Dallas Cowboys Cornerback Deion Sanders from wikipedia]
Have you been following the ongoing saga in the news this past week of the divorce between former Dallas Cowboys superstar Deion Sanders and his spouse, Pilar?  According to various news reports, Pilar was arrested by Dallas police last week for allegedly committing a simple battery against the former football star.  Also, Deion Sanders allegedly "tweeted" about the arrest.

But this post isn't really about those allegations, or about the problem of domestic violence.  Nor is this post about the common problems inherent in many celebrity marriages and divorces. Instead, this divorce illustrates some of the types of problems which may occur when parties are going through a divorce, but they continue to live under the same roof while the divorce proceedings are pending.

This situation doesn't just occur in celebrity divorces.  It can happen to anybody going through a divorce. As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, see here, we often see couples who, for many reasons, including financial problems, must continue to live together in the same house, while their divorce is pending. Naturally, the stress of the divorce sometimes compounds the problems which previously existed.

Here's hoping that Deion Sanders and his soon-to-be ex will be able to peacefully co-exist until their divorce is final.  What can couples do to cope with such problems when they must live under the same roof while their divorce is pending?

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