Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Common Search Terms Leading to Divorce Lawyer in Augusta, Georgia

As you may know, we are the Goolsby Law Firm, LLC, a father and son law firm which handles divorces, criminal cases, and other types of legal matters in Augusta, Georgia.  I also blog about Georgia divorce law, (in this blog), and about criminal law in my other blog, ( 

If you also blog, you probably sometimes wonder, like me, about how people find your blogs/posts.  As for this blog, while it is not scientific, I have noticed a pattern of common google (and yahoo) search terms which have generally led people to this site.  They often include:

1. Divorce Lawyers (or Divorce Attorneys) in Augusta Georgia:  I guess that should come as no surprise to anyone.  (See blog title above!)

2. Celebrity Separations and Divorces:  These key terms are probably no surprise, either, because I frequently post about various celebrity divorces.  Perhaps the most common search in this category which leads to this blog involves people who are curious about actress Michelle Pfeiffer.  (Of course, in this blog, I have cited her marriage to producer David E. Kelley as an example of a Hollywood success story).

3. Adultery:  Since this is a blog by a Georgia divorce lawyer, it should also come as no surprise that many people come here by searching for information about adultery, or infidelity.  But it might surprise you to learn that we get a lot of hits from people wanting to know if you can go to jail, or to Hell, for committing adultery!

What common key words lead folks to your blog? 

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