Monday, September 12, 2011

Divorce, Child Support, and Advice to Deadbeat Dads

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As you can imagine, because we are Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers who offer free initial consultations, every day, we receive numerous telephone and email inquiries about Georgia divorces.  In response, we earnestly attempt to give good, sound information about Georgia divorce law.  Also, we always encourage each caller or writer to discuss their divorce questions with their own divorce attorney.  Finally, we also always try to be polite to callers and writers to the Goolsby Law Firm, LLC!

Sometimes, we get questions about divorce which stump us.  In other words, divorce attorneys are not legal encyclopedias.  We simply do not always have the answers without doing legal research.

And sometimes, we get questions for which there are no good responses, or, at least, there isn't a response which the caller or writer wants to hear.  One example of this type of question involves inquiries from so-called "deadbeat dads."  I really don't like to use this term, because, as I have explained before, it unfairly casts a shadow over all dads and ignores the fact that most fathers DO, in fact, support their children.

But a fairly common question we receive from some so-called "deadbeat dads" is:  "How can I surrender my parental rights?"  The answer we generally give is: "You can't!"  In other words, generally, no Georgia judge would (nor should) allow a father to avoid paying child support and simply walk away from their parental responsibilities.  If your spouse won't allow you child visitation, then, generally, your best remedy is to take 'em back to court, in a contempt action, rather than to try to avoid paying child support!

Sometimes, I also want to add that I believe the caller or writer should stop procreating and should consider getting a vasectomy!  But I generally keep such advice to myself!  Like I said, we always try to be polite to callers and writers to the Goolsby Law Firm, LLC!

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