Thursday, September 15, 2011

Celebrity Separations and Divorces: Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

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Sometimes, celebrities must try to answer some really dumb questions from the media!  If you were asked, like actress Eva Longoria, following a recent divorce, whether you would ever marry again, what would be your answer?

According to various news reports, Ms. Longoria gave a pretty good response to this question, in my opinion.  She basically said that she has not given it a lot of thought and that no woman, after recently getting a divorce, could really give a truthful answer!

Don't you agree that this is a fair response?  After all, Ms. Longoria's divorce from basketball star Tony Parker was just finalized earlier this year.  And while we all can probably safely predict that the Desperate Housewives star will not be desperate to re-marry any time soon, it is equally true that no one, including her, (or you, if you have recently gone through a dvorce), knows what the future may hold.

So, that is why, in my opinion, as an Augusta, Georgia divorce attorney, Ms. Longoria gave a truthful response to a dumb question!

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