Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How To Find A Good Divorce Lawyer (Or Did Shakespeare Have It Right About All Lawyers!?)

No, this painting is NOT a depiction of me, Richard H. Goolsby, an Augusta, Georgia divorce attorney!  Instead, you may recognize this as a painting of the ole' Bard himself, William Shakespeare! (Painting as shown on the Wikipedia website).  Of course, some people who have been through a divorce may believe that Shakespeare had it right about all attorneys, when he opined, in Henry VI, (Part 2), that "the first thing we [should] do, let's kill all the lawyers."
So, today, I want to ask you to consider the following simple question: What do you think about lawyers?  If you have been through a divorce, how do you feel about the legal services provided by your divorce lawyer?  How did you find your divorce attorney in the first place?  Was your divorce attorney attentive and knowledgeable?  Did your divorce attorney take sufficient time to meet with you and to prepare your divorce case?  Was your divorce lawyer sensitive to you and your needs in your divorce?
What do you think?  I welcome your opinions and comments here -- in this divorce law blog  -- about lawyers!  Hopefully, not many of you will agree with Shakespeare!  (But please note that, just in case, all comments agreeing with Shakespeare are subject to review by this divorce lawyer prior to posting!) 

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