Monday, March 28, 2011

Divorce Checklist: Planning For A Divorce

As you know, we are Augusta, Georgia divorce attorneys.  This is a continuing series on the topic of how do you plan for a divorce.  In other words, what are some of the practical things you should consider when planning for a divorce?  In earlier posts in this series, we have suggested that you should gather your financial records, e.g. pertaining to income and retirement accounts.  We have also suggested that you should plan a budget and decide what you want to do with your marital home.  Of course, you should discuss each of these issues with your own divorce lawyer. 
Today, I want to talk a little bit about another idea for you to consider when planning for a divorce:
In many uncontested divorces, the parties can and will agree on how to divide all personal property.  In such cases, neither party may be required to prepare a list of personal property which he or she wants to keep.  But if you want the security of knowing that you, and not your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," will be able to keep your granny's old sewing machine, then you might consider preparing a list of property you get, and then ask your divorce attorney to make the list a part of your settlement agreement.  This may help reduce, or eliminate, mistake or confusion later, about who gets what personal property, if Sluggo decides to break bad on you!
Of course, you probably do not need to put on any checklist that Sluggo gets to keep your mother-in-law!  Some things just go without saying, even in divorce law!

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