Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top Google Searches Leading to This Blog on Georgia Divorce Law

I enjoy being a divorce lawyer with my son and handling divorces in Augusta, Georgia.  (Perhaps "enjoy" isn't the right word for it, but the opportunity to practice law with my sons is priceless!) I also enjoy producing this divorce blog in which, among other things, we attempt to provide some practical tips and information about getting a divorce in Georgia.
In addition, I enjoy blogging about celebrity divorces and about what it is like to be a divorce attorney.  I have been amazed, like most bloggers, as to how folks find this site!  Can you guess which key word search leads to the most hits on this site?  Drum roll, please.................The answer is...............................  
1.  How To Prove Adultery in Georgia:  This remains the most popular key word search terms which lead to this divorce blog.  Do you suppose most of the searchers are the victims of the infidelity or cheating?  Or do you reckon they are the cuckolds or cheaters?  In any event, we attempt to provide practical information on how to prove adultery for all parties to discuss with their own divorce attorneys.
Thank you for visiting this blog, no matter what you are looking for!  In the new year, I look forward to sharing with you more divorce information for you to share with your own divorce attorney!  And if your favorite celebrity gets a divorce in 2011, I look forward to sharing information with you about that, too!

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