Thursday, December 9, 2010

Divorce and Happiness

Generally, in this blog written by divorce lawyers in Augusta, Georgia, we offer you some practical tips and information about Georgia divorce law for you to discuss with your own divorce attorney.  (We also discuss issues which frequently arise in celebrity divorces).
Look, we are just divorce attorneys.  We are not counsellors or psychologists.  But today, I want to ask YOU, the reader, for some helpful tips about the following question!  Here goes: What are your tips or ideas about how someone who has just gone through a divorce can find happiness again?  Here, I'll try to get this discussion started with a few tips of my own:
1.  SEEK SUPPORT FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS:  While no one else can take away all your troubles, or truly make you happy, close friends and family members can help support and encourage you following a divorce.  Have your best friend throw you a "divorce party!"
2.  TAKE UP A NEW HOBBY:  Maybe now is also a good time to throw yourself into ballroom dancing, crafting, blogging, or even spelunking!  Hobbies will also make you get you out and circulate in the community!
3.  TRY DIETING AND EXERCISE:  Even if watching what you eat and getting exercise fail to make you "happy," maybe at least you will feel better about yourself in your new life following a divorce.  
So, those are some of my ideas for finding happiness after a divorce!  What are your ideas?  Hopefully, you will also reach out and help someone you know who has just gone through a stressful divorce!

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