Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Divorce: Hate, Hurt, and Heal

Look, we realize that we are not psychologists. And we don't pretend to be such. We are simply divorce attorneys in Augusta, Georgia. But generally, we have noticed a pattern which divorcing parties often follow in some, (but surely not all), divorce cases. It often goes something like this:
1. HATE: In some cases, maybe your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," has done some awful things to you. For example, maybe Sluggo has committed adultery, or perhaps he has mistreated you in some other way. Hate and anger are typical human reactions. The point is that, perhaps with the help of a good counselor, or family and friends, you can get past this stage.
2. HURT: In nearly every case we handle, as Georgia divorce lawyers, we also see that one or both divorcing parties often experience hurt and disappointment. Again, this is a normal reaction and, in many divorce cases, only time can help you get over the hurt. But I'm sure you will agree that, again, a good support group can help you get over the hurt of a divorce a lot sooner.
3. HEAL: This should be the ultimate goal for each party to a divorce. No matter what Sluggo has done to you, it is critical, for your physical and emotional health, to look forward, not back!
After all, getting over the hate and hurt, and being healed and happy in your new life, (and being away from Sluggo!), might be the best revenge! Don't you agree!?

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  1. Great article...Hate, Hurt, and Heal are something that can't be separated in the life of every person

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