Thursday, October 21, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Christina Aguilera

Don't you sometimes imagine that celebrities' lives must be filled only with glitz and glamour? But sadly, that is untrue. Haven't we seen, in too many cases, that celebrities often suffer the same sorrows and disappointments that everyone else experiences, too?

For example, multi-talented singer and actress, Christina Aguilera, has just revealed to various news outlets about how difficult her life has been since she filed for divorce earlier this month. Ms. Aguilera explained how hard each day is and how she leans heavily on her family and close friends for support. She also explained that she is motivated to move forward for the sake of her small son.

Doesn't this sound similar to what others experience while going through a divorce?

Hopefully, Ms. Aguilera will soon begin healing and go on to find true happiness. And hopefully, her fans and other members of the public will better understand that celebrities hurt and endure the same problems, with divorces and other issues, which we do. It's not all glitz and glamour, after all.


  1. Richard,

    People are just people, we do different work. I hope she and her family adjust to this upset. Good post.

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  3. To me, it as always seemed like their lives would be harder when it comes to enduring sorrows. They go through the same things as the rest of us, but I can't imagine having the rest of the world watching every move I make, and try to heal at the same time. It would make it so much more difficult.

  4. Excellent observation! Thanks for the visit and I also hope everyone will visit your fine blog, too!