Monday, September 13, 2010

Divorce and Mediation: How Much Does It Cost?

In the last post, I extolled the virtues of mediation as a potential solution in many tough divorce cases. But in looking back at the post, I realized that I failed to give you any practical information concerning the costs of mediation. So, here goes!
In my experience as a divorce attorney in Augusta, Georgia, I have used mediators whose fees have ranged between $100.00 per hour to $250.00 per hour. (The latter rate was what a retired judge charged). Other mediators have charged $125.00 per hour. And you must also keep in mind that mediation may, in some cases, take several hours!
In short, while some mediators may be "worth their weight in gold," as I claimed in the last post, when you, as a divorce client, have to pay their bill, it may seem like they cost that much, too!
Please be sure to discuss all aspects of mediation, along with all other costs of your divorce, with your own divorce lawyer.

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  1. I am a solicitor in Australia. I was interested in your mediators' costs. The rates sound very fair to me. Mediation is "all the go" (fahionable) here. I am a bit circumspect about them. To do them well, you must be very well prepared (time and therefore cost). Mediators, in my limited experience, tend to call any mediated settlement a "successful" mediation, and can apply too much pressure to the parties to settle, notwithstanding the fairness of the outcome. This is a real problem in more complex (usually commercial, but some matrimonial) matters, and you can find that clients can settle for too little due to pressure from the Mediator when offers and counter offers start moving "to the centre". There can be a lot of "performance", smoke and mirrors in them and clients can end up settling but very angry a day or so later. This is a very brief comment and does not do justice to what could be a PHD research paper.