Saturday, September 18, 2010

Celebrity Divorces: Anne Francis: "Honey West"

This past week, (on September 16th), marked the eightieth birthday of a fine actress, Ms. Anne Francis. Ms. Francis went through two divorces early in her career, thus justifying my inclusion of her in this divorce (and celebrity divorce) blog written by an Augusta, Georgia divorce attorney.
Some of you may possibly remember her as one of the stars of the 1956 cult classic movie, "Forbidden Planet." I remember her, as a small boy, from the 1960's t.v. private investigator series, "Honey West." According to Wikipedia and other sources, "Honey West" was the first television series featuring a female private investigator.
Ms. Francis has also been a "first" in another category. Her adoption of one of her children in 1970 was reportedly one of the first adoptions granted to a single person in California.
Here's wishing Ms. Francis a belated "happy birthday" and many more!

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