Thursday, May 13, 2010

Divorce and Courtroom Demeanor: Or Please Don't Yell At Sluggo!

Okay, after several posts about celebrity divorces, let's have a post about practical tips in a divorce. This post is about demeanor, or how to handle yourself when you attend court hearings in a divorce. Please feel free to discuss this topic with your own divorce attorney!
Lesson One: Stay Calm!
First of all, even though you may be so angry that you could bite off the ear of your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," it would be advisable not to do so during your divorce court hearing! Put another way, please always try hard to remain calm and composed before the judge. This simple coaching advice could prove invaluable if, for example, you are seeking child custody and you want to show the judge that you are the responsible parent. So, no matter what, please don't throw a "hissy fit" in divorce court!
Lesson Two: Never Interrupt the Judge!
Generally, judges are very busy people. Each hearing day, they probably will handle a dozen or more other divorce cases, like yours. So, understandably, family law judges don't have the time to waste, nor the patience to be interrupted. So, please listen carefully to the judge and be careful never to interrupt!
In future posts, I will try to give you some more practical advice about testifying and attending divorce court for you to discuss with your own divorce lawyer. But for now, please primarily just remember: Never let "Sluggo" win by making you throw a "hissy fit" in front of the judge!

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  1. Courtroom protocol and etiquette is so important.