Friday, May 21, 2010

Celebrity Marriage and Divorce: Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley

In this blog about Georgia divorce law and divorce lawyers, I also often write about celebrity divorces. The general theme, or common thread linking these posts, is that Hollywood can be tough on celebrity marriages.
However, this certainly doesn't apply to all cases! And maybe it's time to recognize some of the celebrity marriage success stories!
For example, consider the long-lasting marriage of two of my favorite Hollywood people: Michelle Pfeiffer and Hollywood writer-producer David E. Kelley. (In my opinion, Ms. Pfeiffer is one of Hollywood's finest actors and Kelley has produced some of my favorite television series, including "The Practice" and "Boston Legal"). This talented couple married back in 1993 and they are raising two children. Moreover, they appear to have a strong marriage unaffected by -- or at least not broken by --Hollywood stressors.
So, there! Maybe now I have been more fair to Hollywood by recognizing that not all celebrity marriages end in divorce!

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