Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This Divorce Law Blog: Why We Are Here And Why We Ain't!

Most of the comments about this blog are kind and complimentary! The blogosphere is filled with some incredibly nice folks! However, I have received a few comments and emails, from time to time, in which we are taken to task for not promoting marriage more in this divorce law blog. Well, here is my attempt to respond to such critics! Here is what we are and here is what we ain't!
This is a blog which primarily focuses on Georgia divorce law. We are a father and son law practice located in Augusta, Georgia. Actually, our family law firm is located in nearby Martinez, Georgia, (in Columbia County), a suburb located near Augusta. I left a career as a federal prosecutor in order to go into private law practice with my oldest son. The federal prosecutor is now a divorce lawyer and a defense lawyer! In addition to handling divorce and child custody cases, we also handle some personal injury and criminal defense cases, in both state and federal court. (I also have a second blog which focuses on white collar crime in Georgia!)
In this divorce law blog, our goal is fairly simple: we merely want to provide some helpful tips and practical advice about getting a divorce in Georgia. (I also work hard to try to make a dry subject as entertaining as possible!) We have no intention of encouraging anyone to get a divorce, but we also have no intention of promoting your "standing by your man," (good ole' "Sluggo"), either, especially when "Sluggo" is beating on you! Nor are we counselors or psychiatrists who can help you with such issues, and we certainly can't help you try to figure out, or shrink, "Sluggo's" head either!
Again, we just want to give you some practical things to consider, about Georgia divorce law, if YOU decide to get a divorce!
It is also important to emphasize that, while you may find useful information, or practical tips, in this divorce law blog, we also always carefully encourage each reader to consult with their own attorneys, wherever they live, about the law in their jurisdictions.
So, there you have it -- why we are here and why we ain't! So, please keep your comments, both good and bad, coming about this divorce law blog! But please don't send a comment about my grammar! Please know that I know that it ain't right to say "ain't!"

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