Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Safe Homes for Battered Women

According to a recent F.B.I. report, approximately 26% of all female murder victims each year were killed by their husbands or boy friends. In addition, it is conservatively estimated that each year at least one million women suffer non-fatal injuries inflicted by their spouses or domestic partners. The problem of domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battered women, and child abuse and neglect cannot be ignored or denied.

Fortunately, in many communities, there are solutions to many of these problems. Of course, one important solution is to call your law enforcement agency to report and get help for domestic abuse. But we are also fortunate in the Augusta, Georgia area to have a wonderful charitable organization, Safe Homes of Augusta, (, to help such families in dire need. Safe Homes of Augusta offers a shelter and assistance to women and children of domestic violence. The charity serves families in ten counties surrounding Augusta, Georgia.

Again, the problem of domestic violence may be with us, but at least there are charities, such as Safe Homes of Augusta, [(706) 736-2499], which help combat it! (Please also know that there are also many other related, worthy organizations throughout the Augusta, Georgia area, such as Child Enrichment and Rape Crisis. Each of these fine organizations offers an opportunity for each of us to contribute and help victims of abuse in our communities. Please reach out, support, and consider volunteering to such charities in your own communities!)

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