Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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We are The Goolsby Law Firm, LLC., a father and son family law practice located at 4416 Columbia Road, Suite 100, in Martinez, Georgia. Our family of divorce attorneys include: Richard H. Goolsby, Sr. and Richard H. Goolsby, Jr. We enjoy helping people every day with their divorce cases, child custody cases, child support cases, contempt and modification actions, adoptions, and other family law cases in Augusta, Georgia, (Richmond County, Georgia), Martinez, Georgia, Evans, Georgia, Grovetown, Georgia, Harlem, Georgia, (Columbia County), and all areas and Georgia counties surrounding Augusta, Georgia.

We understand that your divorce or other family law matter may be very stressful for you. So, when you retain our divorce attorneys to handle your divorce or other family law matter, please know that we always try to be understanding and give you good, confidential and personal service in all your divorce and other family law cases. If you would like to discuss retaining us for your possible divorce case, child custody case, or other family law matter with us, then please feel free to call us for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION at (706) 863-5281.

In this blog, we at The Goolsby Law Firm, LLC. hope to not only give you some general, helpful information and issues to think about when considering your divorce or other family law matter, but also to provide some interesting articles and some practical tips about Georgia law concerning divorces, child custody cases, and other types of family law cases. Of course, the usual caveats and disclaimers will appear elsewhere on this blog, but please let us also forewarn you here that no one should ever rely on any opinions or other information about divorces or other legal matters appearing in this blog. In other words, no attorney-client (or any other) relationship is in any way established through this blog and it is important that you should always instead consult, in person, with your own Augusta, Georgia area attorney before making any decisions affecting your legal rights or conduct.

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