Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Celebrity Marriages and Divorces: Mark and Dianne Burnett

[Photo of Producer Mark Burnett from wikipedia]
How many of you are fans of the reality t.v. show Survivor, which premieres again tomorrow night? Just as I have "survived" many tough divorce cases in the courtroom as an Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyer, I also am a fan of Survivor

Like so many other busy Hollywood celebrities, Mark Burnett, the British television producer who is responsible for producing Survivor, (along with a number of other television shows, such as The Apprentice), had previously experienced, or survived, a divorce. According to wikipedia, Mr. Burnett and his previous spouse, Dianne, divorced in 2003. Both he and Dianne have since each re-married.

Burnett's ex-wife, Dianne, who appeared as a guest on Fox and Friends this morning, is a prolific author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, in her own right. 

Just as these talented people have experienced a divorce, if you are going through one, you can be a survivor, too!

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