Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Practical Divorce Tips: Keeping a Journal or Timeline

As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we receive telephone calls and email inquiries every day from people having questions about divorce, child custody, adultery, and contempt actions.  Just as we do in this blog about divorce in Georgia, we generally try to provide such callers and "emailers" with practical tips and information for them to discuss with their own divorce attorneys.

Here is one practical, helpful tip for you which we haven't discussed in this blog in a while:
I. KEEP A JOURNAL OR TIMELINE:  In other words, we cannot stress enough the point that, if you are going through a divorce, or child custody battle, you should keep, (in a secure location), a journal, or record or timeline, of all your contacts or communications, about your case, especially conversations with your worthless spouse, "Sluggo."  This journal or timeline will not only help your divorce attorney prepare for court, but also it will help you refresh your own memory about all the daily contacts you have had leading up to court.  Frankly, most of us simply cannot remember all our daily conversations about our children, or about other issues in a divorce case.  Therefore, we generally recommend that you write it down!

Of course, we also recommend that you discuss this matter and all other issues in your divorce with your own divorce lawyer!

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