Saturday, February 25, 2012

Divorce and Venue: Where Do You File For A Divorce?

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As Augusta, GA divorce lawyers, we often receive calls from folks wanting to know where they must go in order to file for a divorce in Georgia.  In other words, do you know the general rule concerning venue, or the proper county or place where you should file, in this state?

The simple answer is that, generally, a party seeking a divorce must file in the county in which the defendant lives, (unless the defendant lived in your county and left it within six months before you file).  Another exception to this general rule is that your worthless spouse, "Sluggo," may sign a document prepared by your divorce attorney, in which he waives, or gives up, the right to be sued for divorce in the county to which he has moved.  In such case, your divorce attorney may file for divorce in your county, instead of his.

As to venue, like all other questions about your divorce, it is important that you discuss such matters with your own divorce lawyer!  And be rest assured that your divorce attorney will know how to get Sluggo served with divorce papers!

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