Friday, January 20, 2012

Celebrity Marriage and Divorce: Jerry Seinfeld

[Photo of "Monk's Cafe" from wikipedia]
Last evening, I enjoyed a live concert performed here in Augusta, Georgia by one of my favorite comedians:  Jerry Seinfeld.  I believe the Seinfeld sitcom remains one of the best in television history!  During the question and answer session, following his hilarious stand-up act, Jerry pointed out that he has been happily married for twelve years.  Of course, that didn't prevent him from making a few funny jokes and observations about marriage and divorce! 

To paraphrase Jerry, he observed that marriage is about two people trying to get along without saying, "I hate you!"

As Augusta, Georgia divorce lawyers, we often hear from folks who, for many different reasons, couldn't accomplish that goal.  But maybe Jerry was right about marriage and divorce!  What do you think?

I noticed from Jerry Seinfeld's website that he is touring the entire country with his act.  If he comes to your area, you should really go and check it out!

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