Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebrity Divorces: Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

According to news reports, talented actress Nicole Kidman has opened up a little bit about how her 2001 divorce from actor Tom Cruise was very difficult for her.  But one of the things I liked best about her interview is that she did NOT bash, or  "bad mouth," her ex, as many in Hollywood seem prone to do these days about their exes!
As you know, Ms. Kidman has found success and happiness since the divorce from Cruise.  She is currently a nominee for an Academy Award.  Also, she is now happily married to Country singer Keith Urban.  And you would not believe all the incredible charitable work she does!
In short, Ms. Kidman has demonstrated a lot of class and grace.  We wish her and Mr. Urban continued success and happiness!

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  1. I think the scientology problem was simply too big for both of them. I will write on their marriage in the future.